Upcoming Webinars:

Chaplain Tahara Akmal (February)

Chaplain Khallid Shabazz (Spring)

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab (Spring)

Past Webinars:

“The Racialization of Islam: Understanding the Intersection of Race and anti-Muslim Bias.” by Dr. Nancy Khalil

Positive Habit Formation for Chaplains by Chaplain Omer Bajwa (Yale University)

The Diverse Morality Of The West -vs- The Beginning Stages Of Muslim Chaplaincy

Educating  Muslim Inmates featuring Shaykh Rami Nsour (Tayba Foundation)

Safe boundaries: Helping Your Youth & Student Communities Navigate Inter-Gender Relationships featuring Anas Coburn, LMT  (Project Sakinah)

Ibn Taymiyyah Against Extremisms featuring Dr. Yayha Michot (Hartford Seminary)

Establishing Balance, Mentally, Physically & Spiritually in Your Life with The One Command featuring Chaplain Jenanah Amatullah-Muqsit