Eid Ul Adha Message

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum AMC Members,

As we prepare for Eid celebrations we pause to remember those who lost family members fifteen years ago during the tragedy that befell us on September 11th. May Allah shower His Mercy and Blessings upon their loved ones and comfort their hearts. May He shower on us His mercy, forgiveness, and His love.

Eid Mubarak!  Yes, we have come to another Eid.  This Eid is the one where sacrifice is a theme.  Ibrahim (AS) was ready to sacrifice his son.  Allah told him that his willingness was enough.  It was to be a symbol for all humanity that human sacrifice is no more.  As we mark Allah’s mercy with our sacrificing of animals, we are called to reflect upon the other opportunities Allah presents for us to sacrifice in our day to day lives.

As members of AMC, we must ask ourselves what are we willing to sacrifice to nurture this organization such that it will support us to better serve Allah?  To make our association work, we must be willing to sacrifice and dedicate some of our time and energy.  The question should not simply be what can AMC do for me, but what can I do for AMC to make it stronger and better? If each of us takes on just one small part, with the blessing of Allah we will surely strive.

Please consider volunteering in one of the following capacities:

Membership Committee: This committee is working to identify and recruit Muslim chaplains who are not currently members, to develop membership criteria, and to facilitate the annual membership drive for renewals

Website Volunteers: These volunteers maintain the website keeping content up to date and posting information provided by AMC leadership and membership

Education & Training: This committee coordinates webinars and contributes to the planning of the annual conference

Community Outreach: This committee arranges for AMC to be present in the larger Muslim community through placing articles written by AMC membership about chaplaincy in Islamic publications, planning panels and presentations for Muslim conventions (i.e. ISNA, ICNA, etc.), and helping to keep the Executive Board up to date about opportunities

Marketing: These volunteers produces advertising materials for AMC events and programs (i.e. webinars)

Fundraising Committee: This committee will be leading up fundraising initiatives to enable AMC to grow

If you are willing to make a sacrifice to assist us in growing this Association, please be in touch!

Yours in firm faith,

Dr. Salahuddin M. Muhammad

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