Benefits of Membership

  • Membership in an organization that advocates for Muslim chaplaincy at a national and local level, and the opportunity to be involved at various leadership levels
  • Enriching opportunity for professional development fostered through collegial relationships with Muslim chaplains and counselors working in healthcare, educational, corrections, military, and community settings
  • Membership in a professional Muslim chaplaincy association with an established code of ethics
  • Creative and enriching educational opportunities, such as the annual conference and webinars
  • Membership rate for conferences
  • Notification of various full and part-time chaplaincy positions
  • Membership in private Facebook and LinkedIN AMC groups
  • Membership on a members’ email listserve
  • Voting privileges

Requirements to Become a Member

AMC strives to extend membership to all who support the development of professional Islamic chaplaincy and spiritual care services in the United States.

1. Regular Membership
For those who: 1) have been employed for at least 1 year as either full–time, part-time, or per diem Muslim chaplain, or 2) are Muslim chaplain volunteers with over 10 years documented service and who remain active in the professional development of chaplaincy. Annual Dues: $50

2. Associate Membership
For 1) students of Islamic chaplaincy educational programs, or 2) those employed as Muslim chaplains less than 1 year, or 3) volunteers in institutional chaplaincy settings for less than 10 years, or 4) retired Muslim chaplains. Annual Dues: $25

3. Supporter
For individuals and organizations that support the mission, vision and values of AMC through financial contributions. For more information about becoming a supporter please contact

Become a Member

To apply to be a member of AMC:

  1. Read the Code of Ethics
  2. Download either the PDF Application or the Word Application
  3. Complete the application in full
  4. Return it to
    • If you would prefer to post it, please contact the membership team at this email to ask for the Membership Committee’s mailing address
  5. Use the link below to pay your appropriate dues
    • In the event you are not approved they will be returned to you

To renew your membership, follow the steps above but you only need to complete the employment and education components of the application if there has been a change since the previous year.