Become a Member

To apply to be a member of AMC:

  1. Apply online*
  2. Using the link below and selecting the appropriate rate, pay your annual dues (December – January). Your dues will be fully refunded in the event that you are not grated membership.
      1. Regular Membership Rate
        For those who have been employed for at least 1 year as either full–time, part-time, or per diem Muslim chaplain. Annual Dues: $50
      2. Reduced Membership Rate
        For a) students of Islamic chaplaincy educational programs, or b) those employed as Muslim chaplains less than 1 year, or c) volunteers in institutional chaplaincy settings or d) retired Muslim chaplains. Annual Dues: $25
      3. International Observer Chaplain
        For institutionally employed chaplains outside of the United States at a reduced rate recognizing that our programs and services are designed for chaplains in the United States. Annual Dues: $15